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Battle of Calbe - 5 May 1813


5 May 1813 - Battle of Calbe

The first Prussians to cross the river Elbe were 2nd corps who entered Dessau after a short cavalry skirmish. They were then ordered to take Calbe to consolidate their bridge head.

5th French corps had orders to hold Dessau and prevent any further Prussian advance.


The table consists of squares G7, G8, G9, H7, H8, H9, I7, I8, I9.
The village of Calbe is the objective

French (Jan) deployed either side of Calbe
Prussians (Paul) enter from the right

This was the first game fought in the new campaign.

Jan commanded the French army, I had the Prussian army

With only one corps on each side there was no CinC.

Corps commanders were allowed to change their orders for the use of 1 pip

French in defence had to deploy their figures on the table before start of game

Prussians arrived on blinds and remained hidden until spotted by French


The Prussians advance either side of the Dessau road, with the cavalry on their left. One infantry brigade is sent to hold the high ground on their right, and the cavalry sent in a wide sweep on their left.

The Prussian cavalry threaten the enemy infantry, forcing them to form square, and forcing the gunners to abandon their guns and seek shelter in the square. Three infantry brigades form column ready to assault the enemy centre, while the fourth brigade holds the high ground and the artillery covers the right flank

French cavalry advance to threaten the Prussian flank, but the Prussian artillery fire on them drive them back.

Two Prussian infantry brigades, supported by heavy cavalry, break the French infantry to the right of Calbe (nearest camera) who rout. Remaining two Prussian infantry brigades storm Calbe, supported by artillery. Defenders retire after a brief defence.


Prussian - convincing victory, suffered only light casualties

French - retreat under cover of darkness, will take at least two days to recover